Professional, compliant, knowledgeable and attentive – all words synonymous with City Umbrella. People come to us because they want, need and expect something that they just won’t get from other Umbrella Companies.

City Umbrella is a contractor management company who support contractors, freelancers and temporary workers and provide a range of best value, compliant solutions tailored to their needs.

Our team of dedicated experts will help you choose the best working arrangement for you, and will continue to support you throughout your contracting career.

How to choose an Umbrella Company

Your choice of umbrella company can make a huge difference to your experience as a contractor. Your umbrella company should support you, save you time and look after your interests but not all umbrellas are equal. If you choose badly, your umbrella could make your working life much harder, and may even leave you facing HMRC investigation.

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Benefits of City Umbrella

When you join City Umbrella Company you become an employee of ours. The Relationship Guide explains this in more detail.
Because you’re a permanent employee, you have one continuous employment for all your assignments.

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