The Benefits of an Umbrella Company

When you join City Umbrella you become an employee of ours. The Relationship Guide explains this in more detail.

Because you’re a permanent employee, you have one continuous employment for all your assignments. This means you only have one employer and one tax code, even if you work for several different agencies and clients, and it gives us the ability to provide employer’s references for the entire period that you’re employed by us.

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As our employee you have all the rights and protections associated with employment, including:

  • Statutory Sick Pay and Maternity/Paternity Pay
  • Holiday pay
  • Workplace Pension Scheme

Employees of City Umbrella also benefit from:

  • Unlimited support from our dedicated, experienced Contractor Support team.
  • If you contact us by email we’ll respond within 24 hours
  • Extended Contractor  Support hours.
  • A childcare voucher scheme. This allows you to sacrifice some of your taxable salary and receive tax free childcare vouchers instead.
  • Access to financial planning, mortgage and pension advice. Our trusted partner, Contractor Financials, specialise in advising contractors like you.
  • Access to a range of other benefits.

We are adding employee benefits all the time based on feedback we receive from the thousands of people we already employ.